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My Journey with Robin Hood

Elizabeth Andrew was so right when she said volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart. Smita Singh shares with Anjana Das how she has been able to lead a purposeful life and career, in parallel.  It was over a casual cup of tea that I heard of the Robin Hood Army to donate used clothes and toys to. Today, I am so deeply involved with them, my children prefer to celebrate their birthdays with the kids on street drives. It started with donating clothes and stationery that our children had outgrown, Smita Singh says, “but after a visit to the center I realized we could do more.” The Robin Hood Army (RHA) has no revenue, employees, nor office space. If you want to help all we need is your time, they say. This is what struck her as distinctly different from other charity organizations. Robin Hood Army does not seek funds. They ask volunteers for time to help distribute the surplus food from restaurants to the homeless. After a few street events like Food and Clo
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Top 3 Skills Needed for Data Scientists Today

  Data Science continues to be the second most wanted skills to date. It is really fascinating how the position has remain unchanged for so long. Uddipta Sarma who has been training young Data Scientists at infyni points out the 3 must-have skills. Experts reckon the amount of data and analysis that need to be done seem unlikely to decline. Data Science will only continue to grow in importance in the future.  The  scope of a Data Scientist’s job - having so many verticals to work on – and its diverse applications in both personal and professional aspects is another reason why it will continue to be a much-demanded skill. Starting from ordering food and booking rides to games, automation, artificial intelligence and so on, works on mining data. The whole world is data and we live inside a data circle. To understand our surroundings and analyze it is the essence of data science.  First let’s look at who the data scientist is, and why he is so relevant. This gentleman is responsibl

Chess : Before You Even Begin Learning

Common myths about chess and how to choose the right online chess instructor.  Almost everyone associates chess with intelligence. The truth is, you don’t have to be any kind of genius to be able to master chess, so says the highest rated grandmaster in chess. Yet it is one of the most common myths about chess.  Most common myth     You have one misunderstanding out of the way. What then does one need to be able to finish off opponents in just a few striking moves. Tact and strategy, yes. Commitment, most definitely. Hard work - the most important quality needed.  When all grandmasters were put together, what was common among all of them was just one skill. Dedication. Time spent on the game, and love for the game. Along with practice, taking part in tournaments, observing  top chess masters’ games, their opening strategies, endgames and checkmating patterns is good to improve skills, say experts.  Attend individual and group coaching sessions. Playing with different opponents help you

Learning live. When it really matters

  Our guest blogger, Anika Sharma is a digital thought leader, a mother and a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. She has been consistently named one of the  top digital global leaders  to follow in 2020, 2021 and 2022. When she is not helping Fortune 500 clients navigate the world of large-scale digital transformations, you can find her planting herbs in her garden, meditating with her friends, swimming long laps and training for triathlons. Find her on twitter @theanikasharma and on instagram @theanikasharma I am a huge fan of learning. I have inherited this love for learning from my father who continues to study even at the ripe age of 75!  It’s a habit that has bode me well, as I continue to navigate and change countries, careers, and technologies. We are very quickly becoming a generation of lifelong learners. As this article from PEW says, in this digitalized global age the next generation of young citizens will create jobs (not seek them) and collabo

Delivering on a Promise

One of Bangalore’s iconic coffee shops shows how consistently delivering what you promised will keep any business thriving successfully, even after a 100 years.  Keep a promise and you create curiosity. Deliver consistently, and you will have created a customer for life. This is true not just for cafes but any kind of business. When MTR started way back in 1924, they served only coffee and idly. During World War II when rice became scarce MTR experimented with his idly and came up with a semolina version that became what is popularly known as the Rava idly . No surprises More than a 100 years later, MTR is known to its patrons for its simple d├ęcor and straight-up, no-nonsense quality fare. Its coffees, idlis and Chandrahara (a sweet that was introduced in the 1950s) are as timeworn as its old silver and sepia photos. Customers flock to this eatery for the same reason. It is easy to reel in customers with clever slogans and unbeatable discounts. It can be successful too, in the

Picking the Right Online Platform to Learn

As more online learning platforms continue to enter the education sector, the choice on which kind is the best for you, can become overwhelming. Here are some pointers that can help you decide. Eye contact and body language are one of the important markers of attention in a class. Are you paying attention? Even if you are, is the session being understood? Is it too slow, or too fast? Is there anyone to clear your doubts? It is easier to address these issues when there is an instructor taking classes live. Online education has reshaped the education industry in the last few years. It will continue to grow. The below forecast on the Online Education Market in India published by Technavio reveals trends from 2021 – 2025. As market size increases, more and more players will come offering a myriad of options for learners. There are courses designed as self-paced learning or video-based learning where you learn by yourself, open source learning that provides mostly free material and se

Cyber Threat is a Reality, Especially so for India

May 5 was World Password Day. It’s probably a good time to discuss the relevance of cybersecurity and how it is most likely changing the way businesses operate. The first Thursday of May was established by Intel as World Password Day to raise awareness about the importance of strong passwords. It is so distressing to keep track of passwords and pin numbers for all the different sites we use that many of us keep the same password for everything. For internet banking, for shopping, on Amazon, to buy flight tickets, for stock trading, to log in to office mails, and so on. By doing so, we are seriously endangering our personal information. World Password Day highlights how even if one password is compromised, all of our digital identities can be at risk. Cyber threat is a reality. Especially so for India, say reports. Around 78 per cent of Indian organizations surveyed were hit by ransomware in 2021, says Sophos, the cybersecurity firm. 5,600 mid-sized organizations in 31 countries w